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Friday, March 30, 2007

How Google could be better

I can see three areas where Google could be better.

  • In the new version all dates of posting in the RSS feed say 2007/01/01.
  • The 'remember me' feature doesn't work when logging in.

Google Groups
  • In order to maintain a consistent experience when accessing usenet groups via the web, it would be good to be able to have a signature when posting via the web as well as via a mail client.
  • The list of unread message in subscribed groups doesn't update properly.

Google Desktop - News gadget
  • It would be good if it was possible to block a news provider. For instance, I don't ever want to receive news from foreign language newspapers, which sometimes show up and there are some sports news providers I'd quite like to stop showing up.
  • The "Do not show me items like this" feature could be made better. Sometimes I indicate that I don't want to see an item, I later get the exact same articel from another agency or an update on the same story.

Maybe, one day these will be addressed.

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