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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

EDSK ... that different platforms have different requirements

Every developer should know that different platforms have different requirements.

It is important to understand the platform that you are developing for:
  • Developing for the desktop is different from developing for the web.
  • Developing for a device with a large screen is different from developing for a device with a small screen.
  • They are both different than a device with no screen.
  • An interface that will be navigated with a mouse or keyboard is different from one which will be navigated with a peripheral device, or thumbs!
When you start developing for a platform that you have not developed before and you don't understand the differences and nuances of that platform, you should not assume that it will be the same as other platforms you have developed for previously.

Remember, assumptions usually turn into bugs or the user not getting what the really need/want.

What do you do once you know this?

Make sure that you understand the platform you are developing for, particularly if it is new to you.
Don't assume that the way you've done things on other platforms is appropriate or even possible.

What do you think?
Is this something every developer should know? Have you say in the comments.

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